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VooDoo Dawn (1998), also known as Fait Accompli, was first released in Iceland. Not a good sign for a US made film in English. There was a US release in 2000, then it was released to budget DVD. The good news, Rosanna Arquette nudity. The bad news? Everything else about the film. The plot basically concerns Michael Madsen as a boring night club owner and amateur voodoo priest sending his pet Rosanna to lure ex-con Balthazar Getty and, with him, a bag of cursed money back to The Big Easy.  Before it is over, we have voodoo magic, murder, and chase scenes, but all dull as dishwater.


Arquette shows her breasts first in a very brief sex scene, then in a bath scene. She also wears semi-transparent white dresses, and pokes through many of her outfits.
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The DVD transfer is grim. IMDB readers say 4.0 of 10. Directed by Andrzej Sekula, he should stick to camera work, which he is brilliant at. Not only was the script weak, but he was not able to provide the kind of direction that this talented cast needed. The story comes off as muddled, and none of the characters are really brought to life. D+, only because of the nudity, and good lighting choices and shot selection, which were almost, but not quite, obscured by the terrible DVD transfer.

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