Voyeur Confessions (2001) from Tuna

I expected this to be a regular soft-core, but what I found was a very soft-core docudrama about Voyeurism. It was shot on video, in some cases, home video, and mostly hand held. Many of the scenes where supposedly being screened on a TV, and had artificial noise added. Oddly enough, it all sort of worked and held my interest.


softcore sex film. see the main commentary
Catalina Larranaga plays a clinical researcher studying voyeurism. She picks 3 subjects, and we get to play Peeping Tom as she questions them about their past. During the course of her study, the good doctor becomes hooked on voyeurism as well. Dozens of women show breasts, but only four of them were in enough light and focus to make images from. They are Catalina Larranaga, Julie Edenhurst, Lena Ramon, and Alexis Summerfield. I have to give to film makers credit for a unique idea. This is not terrible couples adult entertainment.

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