Warlock III (1999) from Tuna

Warlock III: The End of Innocence (1999) is a direct to video -- the third, and I hope last installment of Warlock.
College student Ashley Laurence learns that she has a family home that she is welcome to look through before it is torn down. As she was adopted, and knows nothing about her biological family, she decides to spend the weekend there, and convinces her dorm friends to go along. The friends include her boyfriend, her best friend, Boti Ann Bliss as a guitar-playing friend who secretly wants her, and the July, 1996 lapin-lady of the month, Angel Boris, as a femdom, who drags along her boyfriend.


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  • no meaningful features

It doesn't take the Warlock long to arrive, and start plotting. Seems all he has to do is get Laurence's friends to give her to him, then he can kill her as a sacrifice to Satan. Bliss was clearly there to give some occult resistance to the Warlock, and Boris was there to show her tits in several scenes. The entire film is slow-moving and predictable, but the nudity was nice, and sprinkled throughout the film, so I stayed awake through the entire thing.

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