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Web of Seduction (1999) is an Erotic Thriller. The plot is weak and transparent a plot, and the acting is questionable, but the cinematography and lighting from Ben Kufrin, and the amount and quality of nudity make this a top genre offering if you watch this kind of movie for the erotica rather than the thrills.

While their home is being built, Tracy Smith and her up-and-coming lawyer husband live in the guest house of some millionaire friends . The film opens with Smith doing a strip for her husband. The two of them have sex, and then he informs her that he has to go back to the office. It is clear that she is tired of being home alone, and wonders if hubby is doing more than filing briefs at work.


The three women each do a lengthy masturbation scene, have sex with two different men, and do a girl/girl with each of the other women. In most cases, the women do full frontal in each of their 5 nude scenes.(Lauren Hayes, Tracy Smith, and Nancy O'Brien.

The millionaire in the big house, Lauren Hayes, wonders the same thing. She is also less than thrilled with her marriage. Her husband has a congenital heart condition, and has left his wild and carefree youth behind. He now lives for his priceless art collection, a glass of fine wine, and a good cigar. Hayes wants to be out partying.

Hayes' husband realizes that his wife doesn't love him, and is only interested in his money, and so asks Smith's husband to make himself an executor of his estate, to make sure Hayes can't break it up and sell his art collection, which he intends to donate to a museum as his legacy to the future. Smith's husband brings home a new maid, Nancy O'Brian, to keep Smith company. She temped at the law firm, and had experience doing domestic work as well, but we immediately suspected that she helped hubby with the problem in his briefs, rather than writing his briefs. Smith gets along with her, and even with her friend the aerobics instructor, but then things start to go wrong.

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Hayes discovers the power of attorney, and Smith finds hubby recovering from sex with the maid. Hayes figures out that hubby has to die, but not before Smith's husband, or she gets nothing. Smith is also murderously angry, and the maid convinces them to perform a criss-cross murder. First, Smith leaves town while Hayes does in her hubby, then, a few weeks later, Smith is supposed to fuck Hayes' husband into a heart attack, after Hayes has replaced his heart meds with a placebo.

Needless to say, everything does not go according to plan.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. The plot isn't full of holes, nobody stumbles on lines or falls on their ass, and the film is great eye candy. The editing was especially welcome. They used cross fades sparingly as transitions within a scene, and used jump cuts to show time lapse within sex scenes. Rather than the typical three long boring sex scenes, they had 11 sex scenes, none of which became tedious. The main idea of a soft core is to show us some bods, and this film does that very well.

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