Death Ride to Osaka (1983)

aka Girls of the White Orchid

from Tuna

Girls of the White Orchid (1983) is a grade Z made-for-cable that has about everything you would expect wrong with it and a bit more. It was just released on DVD as Death Ride from Osaka. The only thing that gives it any value is clear topless exposure from Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Yvonne McCord and an Unknown actress.
Jennifer is an aspiring singer, and takes a two month gig in Tokyo. She expects to sing, but the White Orchid is Yakuza owned, and the entertainers are expected to provide personal services for the rich, and mostly gross customers.


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Jillian is a co-worker on her third tour, who came knowing what to expect. The man who recruited Jennifer is the son of the local Yakuza head, and tries to protect her from the fate of those few girls who don't fit in - being sent to Osaka. Jennifer's beau from the states quits the Air Force, and comes to Tokyo to rescue her.

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  • The DVD is bare bones, no widescreen, the transfer is washed out

The film is partially in Japanese and partly in English, and they didn't bother with subtitles of any kind. So you don't want to see it unless you speak Japanese.

Not only that, but the Japanese parts are often played by non-Japanese speakers, other Asians, so the words are often mispronounced, and are sometimes just nonsense syllables. So you don't want to see it even if you do speak Japanese.

The only reason to see this is the exposure. There is nearly no information available on the net, other than that it was based on a real story.

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