Who's Your Daddy?  (2003) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Let's not mince words. This is a really poor movie.

I hated it despite the fact that the plot description sounds like something I might like.

A high school nerd from Ohio finds out that he is adopted, and that his biological parents have recently died, leaving him the heir to a massive soft-porn empire similar to Playboy, complete with the magazine and the mansion. He and one of his nerdy friends jet out to run the porn biz in California, where they get hornswaggled out of the whole shebang by his evil uncle and his personal shyster, Mike Hunt. Together with the Playmates and some loyal employees, the nerds fight to get the empire back from Uncle Dunky.

Everything proceeds predictably, but that's not the problem with the film. As we all know, it is possible to make this type of film a lot of fun even if predictable. Not this one. It fails in every other way as well. The acting is so broad it would embarrass Ace Ventura. The jokes have been culled from an intensive study of the best humor from seventh grade playgrounds in 1964. The characters are not especially empathetic, believable, or amusing. Even the nudity is boring - just uninvolving topless shots of anonymous women. The two female stars do rip-off nudity in which their naughty bits are covered with strategically placed long hair or bubbles.

Tuna pointed out last week in his review of Snapdragon that you know your movie is in trouble when Pam Anderson gives your best performance. Well, then, how bad is it when your major thespian is Patsy Kensit?

Real bad.

Avoid this like the plague.



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  • Many centerfold girls are seen playing topless sports and working around the mansion.
  • Three classmates show their breasts to our hero after he returns to high school as a multi-millionaire
  • Ali Landry takes a bath on camera, but the bubbles always manage to cover her nipples.
  • Marne Patterson is topless in a sex scene, but nothing is visible because of creative editing and strategic placement of long hair.
  • There is a very large breasted topless woman who has a brief seduction scene with our hero.

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Based on this description, this is a D. I watched it with my son. We both enjoy this kind of film. We looked forward to seeing it after reading the summary on the DVD box. We hated it. He gave up after 45 minutes. I would have, except that it was my job to watch it.

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