The Witches of Breastwick (2005) from Tuna

The Witches of Breastwick (2005) is a Jim Wynorski direct-to-DVD. It was summed up very well by Glori-Anne Gilbert in the commentary, "See, there's witches and breasts. That is what this is about."

Obviously, you won't choose this film for the intricate dimensions of the storyline, but here it is, for the record:

Matt Dailpaz is having a recurring nightmare in which three witches (Glori-Anne Gilbert, Julie K. Smith and Stormy Daniels) try to do him in. He describes it to his shrink, and the shrink's receptionist (Jodie Moore) does a conference table strip for him. Hoping to end the nightmare, he  sets off with his wife (Monique Parent) to find the place and the witches in his visions. He has sex with Parent in the woods, they meet the witches, everyone has sex with everyone, then Taimie Hannum shows up, has sex with him, and warns him that he is in danger.

There is simulated sex, both guy/girl and girl/girl/girl in beds, bathtubs, hot tubs, and outdoors. If after-market body parts do it for you, that is exactly what this film delivers. The most important criteria for this film was to have between two and six naked breasts on the screen as often as possible. Wynorski himself said he was told to have nudity at least every five minutes, so everyone in the cast does full frontal nudity at least once. I thought Monique Parent looked especially good, with her moderate chest dimensions and sexy red heir both above and below.



  • No features except the original trailer
  • the transfer is not anamorphically enhanced, and is not especially vivid



Nudity is the entire point of the film. See the main commentary

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Based on this description, the genre is "robo-tittie" flick, and this has more pounds of robo-tittie per frame than any other film I have seen, making it a genre masterpiece, albeit of a much-deprecated genre. It's a C+ by that narrow definition, but is not for you if artificial breasts turn you off.

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