With or Without You (1999) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Michael Winterbottom has shown himself to be a director of substance who is not afraid to take on significant challenges like a couple of Thomas Hardy adaptations. Given that, one must ascribe his decision to create this insipid and unchallenging romantic comedy to a mysterious malady, like some kind of high fever which affected the clarity of this thinking.

Complete spoilers ahead:

Christopher Eccleston and Dervla Kirwan play a young Irish couple who are unable to have a baby. Their inability to come up with a solution to the woman's ticking biological clock leads them into a difficult point in their marriage. Just at this same time, the woman's old French pen pal shows up on their doorstep, and the man's lusty ex-girlfriend decides to make a play to get him back. The two principals split up and have sex with their alternate choices. They then have a passionate reconciliation. Ultimately, they overcome their physical problems and have that baby they always wanted.

Yes, it really is that formulaic. I know it is difficult to believe that a Winterbottom film could be based on such a lightweight and shopworn script, but it is true.

I suppose it could have been partially redeemed by some uniquely Irish ambiance, which is probably why the DVD box features a big green shamrock and quotes a review calling the movie "irresistibly Irish." That quote, however, is a lot o' malarkey, because this story could take place in Sydney or Buffalo or Manchester or Glasgow or Toronto without changing one blessed thing except the accents. It is a completely generic plot with generic characters in generic settings. The most Irish thing about it is that it was named after a U2 song which also gets worked into the film.

There's really nothing special in the film to redeem it except a substantial amount of sex and nudity, but the film is not incompetent, by any means. A lot of top people worked on this project. The direction and acting are completely solid, and the cinematography sometimes approaches brilliance. Unfortunately, the script is just a drag and the film is neither romantic nor comedic, all of which presumably explains how a Michael Winterbottom film somehow managed to go straight to video.


  • There is no Region 1 DVD
  • The Region 2 DVD is quite good. It has:
    • a good 16x9 widescreen anamorphic transfer
    • a featurette on the making of the film
    • the original trailer


  • Dervla Kirwan shows her breasts in three different sex with two different men.

  • Julie Graham shows everything in clear daylight.

  • Christopher Eccleston shows his bum in sex scenes with two different women.

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Based on this description, it's a C-, a completely competent but totally bland movie. Although it follows the time-worn recipe for a romantic comedy, it is neither very romantic nor particularly funny. It might amuse you if you have never seen any of the ten thousand movies which exploit the same basic formula.

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