Without Air (1995) from Tuna

Without Air (1995) is a small B&W indie slice-of-life film. 
Shay (singer and guitarist Lauri Crook) is a Memphis blues singer and junkie, living with a guitarist but unable to relate to him. She strips to pay the bills and support her habit. She, and all her friends, are trapped in a depressing life from which there seems to be escape. Her boyfriend is jealous and she is sick of the men at the strip club. 



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  • Widescreen letterbox, 1.85:1

  • no major features

We see Crook's breasts in the bathtub, and fellow stripper Leigh-Anne Potter shows breasts in a hotel room partying with a club patron. The most enjoyable aspect of this film is the music, but the utter despair of everyone in the film makes it hard to "enjoy." There is not much information available on line. I will give it a C, as a good genre film. Even though the production aspects are less than perfection, it is gritty and never dull.

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Based on this description, this film is a C.

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