The Wrong Guy


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is a laid-back comedy which is conceptually very similar to the early Woody Allen movies, except with Dave Foley playing the Woody role as the hapless, wimpy schmuck with an inflated view of his own skills. As the film begins, Dave enters his office one morning, filled with confidence that he will be named his company's next president. When he hears that the position is going to a rival named Ken, he protests because he has gone so far as to become engaged to the chairman's daughter. Turns out that Ken has one-upped him and is engaged to the chairman's favorite daughter. Dave keeps whining and the chairman is finally forced to tell him that he's a complete schmuck and a weakling who could never run a big company, whereupon Dave goes ballistic and threatens to kill his future father-in-law.

Funny thing about that. A short time later, when Dave marches into the chairman's office to offer yet another piece of his mind, he finds the big kahuna lying there with a knife in his neck. Dave tries to pull it out, then realizes that the man is already dead, while he's standing there with a bloody knife in his hand and his clothes soaked in blood. Then it dawns on him that this all happened about an hour after he threatened to kill the guy in front of witnesses. So he runs - out of the office and into a life as a fugitive, assuming he'll been hunted as a desperate, violent criminal.

Only one problem. The police have access to the company's 24-hour surveillance tapes and know that Dave has nothing to do with the murder. In fact, the police detective keeps calling Dave "the woman who found the body," because the same security tapes show Dave's reaction when he sees the knife, and he's wailing and shrieking like a 13-year-old girl at a Beatles concert. That's what the movie is about: Dave's perception of himself as a ruthless, big-time wanted criminal on the run, as contrasted to the world's perception of him as a unimportant witness and a complete pussy. In order to make things a bit more interesting, Dave's flight keeps crossing paths with the real killer, with the law hot on his trail,  and the screenwriters construct the scenes in such a way that Dave thinks the police are actually after him.

Pretty funny idea.

I originally popped this in the DVD player with minimal expectations. After all, I had never heard of this movie, and it's a ten-year-old Canadian film which took five years to get to video. For some reason, Disney shelved it completely after having liked it enough to purchase the distribution rights in the States, so The Wrong Guy never received any theatrical release in the USA. Given all those facts, I really only watched it for the Jennifer Tilly nightie scene, which I had seen in still captures.

The Wrong Guy  turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

While it may not be a comedy classic, it has some moments of real inspiration. and I have to say I got a real kick out of it. I guess I'm not the only one who liked it, because it's rated a very sold 6.9 at IMDb, and that has been downgraded from a true arithmetic mean of 7.7.

If you liked the offbeat cable show "The Higgins Boys and Gruber," you may enjoy this since it was written by the same guy, with Dave Foley as his co-author. It was directed by David Steinberg, who was one of my favorite comics back in the day. Their film deserves much more than the total obscurity to which it has been consigned.


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6.9 IMDB summary (of 10)


It was never released in the USA. It wasn't even on video for the first five years after it was filmed.


The Jennifer Tilly nudity is not really nude at all, just a see-through, but it is one of the sexiest non-nude scenes of all time, and one of the rare cases of a genuinely funny and sweet "nude" scene. I recommend it highly. The stills do not do the scene justice.


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