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The Year My Voice Broke (1987) is an Australian coming of age film. I am prejudiced in favor of Australian films, as they have a certain straight-forwardness that I find refreshing. Unfortunately, this one did not draw me in. Part of the problem was very thick accents, but the main problem was a story that lacked originality, and characters that I didn't find appealing. We have a nerd who is a lifetime buddy with an attractive female classmate, who is his constant sexual fantasy girl. She has a fling with the school bad boy. The town folk think of her as a slut. That's pretty much it, other than the ending, which I won't give away. 


There was no nudity at all, although the plot could  have used some

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Scoop's comments 

What is the story with director John Duigan? I can't figure that guy out. I guess he really enjoys variety.

In addition to this sensitive film, he has done Sirens, Wide Sargasso Sea, Paranoid, Molly, The Leading Man, and Lawn Dogs. Does anybody see any pattern there? That's a pretty wide variation of tones, topics, and styles. 

And how does "Paranoid" fit in with the others?

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  • Consensus: three stars. Maltin 3/4, Apollo 77/100

  • Rotten Tomatoes summary. Five articles on file

  • The film won Best Picture from the Oz Academy

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