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Zombi Holocaust (1979), like many Italian cannibal/zombie/gore films, has had dozens of titles. You will find it on IMDB as Zombie 3. Dr. Butcher M.D. has been a popular title for some of the releases in the US. The most important thing about this film is that they combine, but don't mix, a mad doctor, a naked woman, cannibals and zombies. Thus, whichever of the elements you enjoy, you can watch it without being distracted by the others.

Someone is mutilating corpses in a New York hospital, so a Fed, an anthropologist (Alexandra Delli Colli  in her first role), her male assistant and a female newsie travel to an island believed to be the home of a cult doing the nasty work. They no sooner reach the island than they are attacked by Cannibals. A local doctor attempts to rescue them, but ends up capturing them for his experiments, the same experiments that created the zombies. Delli Colli is captured by the cannibals, who intend sacrificing her to their god on a sacrificial table. It would require a miracle for her to escape, so a miracle occurs.

I seriously doubt that this is anyone's kind of film, but Delli Colli is topless in an early scene, and then shows  full frontal, first in an undressing scene, then when being prepared for sacrifice. The film has a cult following among genre fans.


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